We're thrilled to announce that we are expanding our services to provide a more comprehensive approach to health and wellness! Blue Lotus Weight Management is now Blue Lotus Weight & Wellness. Additional wellness offerings include Concierge Medicine & Burnout Prevention Coaching. We're not just a virtual weight loss clinic; we're your partners in total well-being!

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benefits & outcomes

You’ve probably already tried several different diets, exercise programs, lifestyle changes, even other formal weight loss programs. False promises and failed attempts lead you down a road of frustration and despair. Further, these diets may offer ill-advised or even dangerous shortcuts to a slimmer figure, with short-lived results. This is not our philosophy. You deserve a professional second opinion!

We believe that weight loss represents an opportunity to change your health, and your life, for the better. We offer a comprehensive approach, with options tailored to each individual. You’ll spend your time working with our experienced medical providers and staff, as opposed to struggling with the latest fad diet.

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The staff believes that although diet and exercise will always be extremely important, the use of medication for both appetite and craving control can be necessary for a large number of patients. This applies to not only to losing weight but also to maintaining weight loss for the long-term.

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Medications are used in combination with diet plans and exercise regimens to reduce appetite, control cravings, improve insulin sensitivity, and lower the metabolic set-point. Blue Lotus Weight & Wellness also stresses high protein, low carbohydrate, and low fat eating for nearly all patients. In general, the office places little emphasis on actual calorie counting, exchange lists, and specific diets. Focusing rather on encouraging sensible eating habits with helpful hints, guidelines, and suggestions for meals. The practice also encourages exercise in any form. Consistency will be the key to success. In most cases, exercise won’t seem like it is having an effect on weight loss and maintenance for several months and patients will need to stick at it to see visible changes over time.

Major benefits include cardiovascular conditioning, body toning, reducing cholesterol and blood pressure, increasing HDLs, and an overall sense of wellbeing. Exercise is an amazing tool when used regularly. The practice sees patients on a monthly basis from all over the country when working toward weight loss goals. Blue Lotus welcomes all new patients and looks forward to helping you on your weight loss journey.

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